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the end of the postcards!

9 Oct

all good things must come to an end and here you have it. the end of 365 postcards. i am sending them out a week early because i am so excited to wish them well into the US postal system. it’s been a lot of writing and stamps and small thoughts scrawled on cereal boxes and in the end i am so glad to have done it and also pleased to have stayed in touch with some people so well. i’m also ready to move on to a new project. hello birthdays.

after the 365…

19 Sep

hello friends,


since october of last year i’ve been writing a handmade postcard everyday (or thereabouts). oct 20th will mark the end of 365 postcards and the beginning of a new year and my next project.


there are a few lovely people who always remember to think of me on my birthday which makes me smile. too often i’m the one forgetting the birthdays of the ones i love. this year i’d like to be one of the people that remembers and makes you smile. i’ll send a birthday card to anyone who provides me with their address and birthday so if you’d like for your maman to get one, too, pass some information along.


i’m nudging some of you so you remember but i can’t tag you all so if you’d like to get a birthday card this year either respond here or send me a message (or email: with your postal address and birthday.


oh! and there’s more! i’ve moved again! now i live in a green house full of friends, plants, chalkboard, candymaking & small jokes. come visit or send me a letter your self:


47 s. arlington ave

baltimore, md 21223


much love

alll the many weeks

14 Sep

and here they are in all their glory! all five weeks of em and that will bring us right up to speed!



craft fair

13 Sep

while i haven’t been posting my postcards lately i have been real busy getting famous. here i am at my first craft fair at AVAM with the Michigan Homesteader and Nik-Knacks by Nikki.

week 44! mother earth news

10 Aug

hello hello, there are approximately 52 weeks in a year which means there are only 8 weeks left in my postcard project. sometimes i’ve been tired of writing post cards but mostly it’s been so joyful to send and receive small thoughts daily to the people i love. i have a new idea for next year already, i like having a writing/correspondence project to keep me reaching up and out. here’s this week, for the hippy in everybody.


last week of july, first week of august

3 Aug

here are some new ones! leaving via postal bird sometime this weekend ooooh!


last of the swap

27 Jul

weeks 38 & 39 & 40

13 Jul

the brilliant m.b. introduced me to this postcard swap where you send and receive 20+ postcards from other artists the world over. so if you have been wondering why you haven’t been getting mail from me it’s because i am sending these all over! not because i don’t love you. fret not i’ll be back to the regular ol’ cards soon.

week 37: miss m’s unicorn book

13 Jul

week 36: at the seashore

13 Jul