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the week in post cards

31 Oct

ahoy maties,

so i know what is foremost in your minds right now: how did the shark party go? am i shark enough to attend such a fiesta? and the answers to all of these will come but not till tomorrow. first: this week in postcards: fish, boats, bells, whistles, etc. if you’re name starts with j and you just moved you can be expecting mail pretty darn soon.



shark party

25 Oct

how to host a shark party:

step 1: select your shark-friends.

step 2: shark party invitations


this week: rural america & maine

25 Oct

thanks to s.a.’s very specific request and the great blessings of the book thing ( all of this weeks cards are made from a national geographic book about rural america from the 1970s. the request was for a postcard featuring the great state of maine and at first i wasn’t sure  i was going to be able to make it happen (you would be surprised how hard it is to find a book about maine!) but i persevered and check out those lobster boats and more importantly those sunglasses! i am posting the whole week’s worth of cards today but they’ll hit the mailboxes one day at a time so dontcha worry. sunday afternoon at the book thing brought me some other lovely treasures for recyclin-art-makin (see: shark party) and next week it’s going to be all about sea creatures and boats.


21 Oct

since i won’t have access to a computer/internet this weekend i am posting friday, saturday, & sunday now and i’ll be releasing them into the world over the course of the next few days. l.b., n.s., and s.n. – you’ll recognize these little ones soon enough. love and 29 cents.

a postcard a day

20 Oct

it’s a bit of a late start on my 365 postcard project but here it is. every day for a year i will send a handmadehomemade postcard to somebody. now i don’t have 365 addresses so i assume i’ll be working through my address book pretty quickly. do you want to receive a postcard? maybe i don’t know you very well or at all but i would still love to send you some sweet-stamped-thoughts-one-of-a-kind. message me your address and then check your mailbox! monday & tuesday flew off before they could be scanned but here’s wednesday’s and thursday’s cards. this week all cards are from a book called nantucket. i have never wanted to travel to nantucket before but these days it’s one of the places i would most like to be.